Blackdot named B2B content marketing leader in the JAPAC region

Blackdot was pronounced a leader in B2B Content Marketing across JAPAC at the Content Marketing Summit in Singapore last week.

For the past 6 years, CMS Asia has hosted the largest content marketing conferences across JAPAC, bringing together a group of savvy brands, innovative technology enablers and leading practitioners from across the world. The full-day event features several presentations and workshops, before concluding with an award ceremony – Content Mogals 50 (CM50).

On Wednesday 28 August, Blackdot was honoured to attend the ceremony and be presented with the B2B content marketing award for the region. Their submission was evaluated on the effectiveness and consistency of content marketing, along with their contribution to the discipline.


Blackdot exists to help clients achieve customer-centric growth. It is therefore essential that as an organisation, they continually raise the bar in the content and digital marketing space, setting a strong example for what best practice looks like.

Grounded by this purpose, their entry shared how they went ‘all-in’ on content marketing themselves, and developed a strategy guided by the following principles:
  1. Instilling content marketing as a business wide imperative
  2. Sharing thought leadership and actionable insights
  3. Leveraging content to build the Blackdot Community
  4. Achieving scalability and efficiency through repurposing
  5. Utilising technology to enable relevance at scale
  6. Ensuring content decisions are data-driven and results-focussed

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