Blackdot Announces the Launch of its Marketing and Sales Integration Assessment

After extensive research and development, Blackdot is pleased to launch its Marketing and Sales Integration Assessment.

This benchmarking product is the latest in a suite of solutions designed to help businesses drive customer-centric marketing and sales results in the ‘new’ digital buying environment. The assessment was designed based on the results of Blackdot’s ongoing cross-industry benchmarking work, which currently spans more than 850 marketing and sales organisations, 11,000 sales managers and 75,000 salespeople across 12 industries. Combined with the insights gained from over 400 marketing and sales transformation projects, an assessment framework has been developed which encompasses 12 key levers, 60 categories and 150 proven best practices. Benchmarking against this framework enables an organisation to understand how they compare to global best practice and align the leadership team around the critical opportunities for transforming marketing and sales performance.

Blackdot’s Director of Products & Marketing, Chris Horn said,

“We’re all feeling the pinch to reorganise around the customer and get marketing and sales operationally integrated. For many of our clients it’s building the momentum for change and figuring out the path to get moving which is really difficult. The great outcome from this assessment is it ensures clarity across the leadership team around the initiatives that will make the biggest difference. Given the complexity of the shifts, having a clear roadmap and a solid baseline for ongoing measurement is something that is really helping clients accelerate progress.”

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