Blackdot supports SMC Corporation’s growth trajectory

Three years ago, SMC Corporation faced significant industry challenges with the decline of the mining sector and automotive industry. Today, the electro-pneumatic firm has successfully undergone a major sales transformation and is now growing despite high competition in a shrinking market.

SMC, which has been operating in Australia for over 50 years, embraced change by examining its business model and looking for new opportunities for growth.
“What we identified as a challenge was our sales managers didn’t know how to be sales managers,” said James McKew, Sales and Marketing Director for SMC Australia & New Zealand.
By gathering its sales staff together for the first time in two decades, SMC was able to evolve the team from sales management to sales leadership while simultaneously adapting the firm’s customer value proposition. Both these changes have ultimately yielded positive results.
“Three years later, the results have been very, very significant. We’re growing in a declining market. Our market share’s gone from 40% to 51% in two years,” McKew said. “I would not expect that there are a lot of companies that are circa $100m – 50 years old – that are growing high single digit, low double digit.”

Blackdot helped SMC achieve this growth transformation through capability benchmarking and their Sales Management Disciplines Program. Watch the video to find out how.