To Hot-Desk or Not to Hot-Desk - That Was The Question

With significant expansion across APAC, the Blackdot HQ in Sydney was literally bulging at the seams and more than ready for an office refit. However, when the management suggested implementing a hot-desking formula, a heated debate arose…

Blackdot has been on a significant growth trajectory for some time now, spurred on by expansion in both the APAC and EMEA regions. With talent acquisition taking place across all levels and all areas of expertise, 36 new employees had joined the team since March 2017, and their loft-style office in The Rocks was feeling the strain. Meeting rooms were constantly fully booked, desks were being juggled and the resilient people of Blackdot were showing signs of fluster.
Unsurprisingly, the team rejoiced at the news of a total office renovation, which when complete, promised many more work stations, two new modern meeting rooms with all mod cons and a series of ‘telephone booth’ style collaboration zones. However, when the management started tossing around the idea of hot-desking to maximise available desk real estate, conversations got a little heated.
There were the lovers – promoting collaborative working, space saving, less infrastructure maintenance and cheaper to run as their points of influence.
There were the loathers – citing lack of efficiency, teams being scattered and spreading germs as lobby actions.
In the end, the company jointly made the brave decision to go for hot-desking, which many reports and trends have cited as the future of office workspaces in Australia. Reports from employees have generally been positive so far, with more collaborative work taking place, increased productivity and improved interaction and communication.

According to their Office Manager, Abi Noyce, "It has taken some adjustment, as staff move around looking for a suitable spot, but I have noticed a general improvement in communication as people now ‘bump’ into each other more and end up speaking to colleagues from different teams.”