Love Your Life: Blackdot helps its people do remarkable things

Blackdot recently announced a new initiative designed to help employees aim high and reach their lifelong personal goals.

One of Blackdot’s core values is ‘Love Your Life’ – a value that acknowledges all team members are different and encourages them to be themselves and love life both inside and outside the office.

Building on this ‘Love Your Life Value’, Blackdot recently introduced the ‘Bucket List’ – an initiative encouraging employees to ‘go large’ with their lives and do remarkable things that inspire colleagues, loved ones and the community. Blackdot has thrown its full weight behind the initiative, offering its support to help staff fulfil their goals.

Blackdot staff can leverage a range of employee benefits, including extended unpaid leave, overdraws on paid annual leave, paid time off in lieu, and additional paid leave granted after one year or more of tenure. There are also allowances for extra flexibility or financial support, on a case-by-case basis. 

One employee took extended leave to go mountaineering in the Himalayas and has set sights on a new goal of climbing Everest – a goal that will be more achievable with Blackdot’s support. Other employees have been able to take advantage of a flexible work schedule to give back to the community through charity work.

Commenting on this renewed focus on helping employees to love their life, Blackdot Managing Director Marty Nicholas said:

“We really want to recognise individual differences and life choices and provide employee benefits that are open and accessible to all, irrespective of tenure, gender, seniority and lifestyle. We want to encourage and challenge our people to do truly amazing things with their lives and feel empowered to integrate work into how they choose to live their lives.”

For more details on Blackdot’s values, or to explore current job opportunities, please visit the Careers section.