Meet Blackdot’s Melbourne Director, Ian Richards

We sat down with the director of Blackdot’s new Melbourne office, Ian Richards, to hear his views on how to reinvigorate growth in response to disruptive change, and learn more about his journey to joining our team.
Hi Ian, what drew you to joining the Blackdot team?
A few things – it’s an organisation focused purely on customer-centric growth and transformation, which is the type of work that I’m most passionate about. It’s also a brand that’s been around for nearly 20 years but still has the DNA of a challenger: innovative, hungry, curious to be better. Thirdly, it’s very technology savvy. Blackdot understands the vital role that enabling technology plays in helping organsiations transform and has powerful partnerhsips with industry leaders such as Salesforce.
Can you tell us a bit about your background?
I’ve spent half of my career as a consultant/adviser and half as an executive – so I have a great appreciation of what it takes to both work-in and work-on a business. I’ve also had the great fortune to live and work across many different regions and industries in both multi-nationals and in start-ups. Having the opportunity to work in such diverse environments really broadens your perspective, and it’s something I’m grateful for.
You’re now heading up our new Melbourne office which launched in January. What will that look like?
It’s energising to be creating something here from the ground-up. We’ll be building on the great success of our existing Sydney and London offices, but making it unique to the world’s most liveable city. Blackdot has already established a strong reputation in Melbourne over the years due to the great clients that we’ve been fortunate enough to look after, but developing a permanent team on the ground is a new ball game and an exciting challenge.
You haven’t been with us for long, but we’ve thrown you straight into the spotlight – you’re speaking at our upcoming Melbourne event about ‘reinvigorating growth in response to disruptive change’. What excites you about this topic?
Disruption typically involves three things that I’m passionate about: first, disrupters obviously challenge the status-quo and find new ways of doing things; secondly disrupters typically think different about the customer experience, and finally, disrupters are enabled with new technology or at least technology deployed in new ways.  Therefore, it should be a fun and practical session, so if you’re Melbourne-based, please do come along.