Additional Membership Perks for the Blackdot Benchmarking Community

Blackdot has announced some exciting additions to the current membership for the Benchmarking Community to enjoy in FY18. 

The membership model has been running for around twelve months, and has been positively embraced by over twenty-one enterprise customers who engage Blackdot globally and regionally.

Running a business while simultaneously changing it, is an enduring challenge for leaders in today’s customer environment. With this in mind, the team at Blackdot have been working hard on expanding the business toolkit for meeting the demands of hitting near-term numbers while continually improving and evolving for the future.

New membership features will include:

Additional benchmarking solutions - a range of new assessments which zero in on the biggest challenges, from customer strategy, operating model effectiveness to key account management. These tools will expand the ability to compare to best practice and identify key opportunities.

More best practice IP - to help build the capabilities and disciplines required for execution excellence through use of Blackdot’s best practice IP across the 12-4-7 framework.

Further networking and learning opportunities - in addition to Blackdot’s major event agenda, cross-sectoral leader roundtables will be launched enabling discussions between like-minded leaders.

A range of further new membership items will be announced through FY18.


If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact: