Where are enterprises on the transformation journey?

Blackdot surveyed 300 growth leaders in March and October 2017, asking them to rate their enterprises’ progress towards becoming holistically customer-driven and being able to deliver a consistent omni-channel experience. The results of the survey demonstrated some interesting progress by enterprises over that six-month period.

Comparing the March and October survey responses, Blackdot observed an increase in the number of leaders stating their enterprise was making strong headway towards customer-centricity. There was also an increase in the number of businesses in the midst of operationally reinventing their business. Businesses resetting transformation initiatives that were not delivering have also showed signs of increase.
The results showed a marked decrease in the number of organisations still trying to get started on their transformation journey – a good sign that more organisations are making progress towards customer-centricity.
However, less than a quarter of organisations currently have both a high business imperative and high operational maturity when it comes to taking on transformation initiatives. These results reflect the very real challenges leaders face in reengineering the enterprise for sustainable growth in today’s environment.

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