Equipping Marketing for Success in a HCP-Centric World

A practical guide for setting your marketing team up for omni-channel success

While COVID-19 has presented a series of access challenges to the Health Science sector, it also created a window of opportunity to fast-track digital maturity. The idea that marketing was only a supporting function flipped, as it quickly became critical to business continuity. These restrictions and the growing shift in HCP engagement preferences have forced organizations to undergo significant go-to-market and operating model change – to pivot from relationship selling, to a multi and then omni-channel engagement approach.

So, how can you set your marketing team up for success in this new environment? Watch the recording of our webinar to explore the:

  • Evolution of go-to-market models and the role of marketing within each
  • New capabilities required to deliver omni-channel experiences at scale
  • Prevailing marketing structures and shifts in ways of working
  • Skills and behaviors required to thrive in the future
  • Efficiency, effectiveness and commercial benefits for those who adapt